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The History of Muay Thai Chaiya

I read many different versions of the history of Muay Chaiya, and so I was grateful for the chance to sit down with Ajarn Lek and nail some details and iron out some inconsistencies. As far as I know, Ajarn Lek is the only teacher of Muay Thai Chaiya that had the honor or learning under Master Kaet Siriyapai, so I guess he's a good person to ask!


From the name, you would think that Muay Chaiya comes from the Chaiya district in southern Thailand, but in fact the founder Phor Than Ma came from Bangkok. He had been the number one soldier of Bangkok in the Thai army for many years, when he retired and ordained as a monk. He traveled south from Bangkok, traveling from town to town until he reached the Chaiya district where he helped the people rid themselves of some troublesome elephants using coconut husks. This gained him great respect from the people of Chaiya, who then built a temple to be built for Phaw Than Ma to reside.

Phaw Than Ma then taught Muay Chaiya to the people and specifically the governor of Chaiya, Praya Wajisata Ya Rag (Kam Siriyaphai) who then taught it to his son, Kaet Siriyapai. Kaet Siriyapai also learnt other styles of Muay from 12 famous teachers, the last of which was Ajarn Kimseng Tha Wi Sit, who primarily taught the Paak Klang style. He was to become the master of Muay Chaiya.

Now considered one of the most important people in Muay Thai history, Ajarn Kaet taught many students. One of his best students was Kruu Thong Lor Ya Lae, who went on to make a name for himself and Muay Chaiya by fighting over 200 ring fights.

Kruu Thong also had many students including:

  • Khun Har
  • Khun Pat
  • Khun Korb
  • Khun Pik Pok
  • Khun Juab

Another student of Kruu Thong, Kridakorn Sodprasert (Ajarn Lek) who had already studied Muay Chaiya under Ajarn Kaet, still teaches Muay Chaiya to this day at Baan Chang Thai (House of Thai Artisans) in Bangkok.


Visit from an old friend

Today, an old student and friend of Baan Chang Thai came to visit as he passed through Bangkok. Kruu Pedro has been old and respected friend of Baan Chang Thai for many years now, and it was great to see him, even if it was only for a few hours.

Pedro has been learning martial arts for many, many years, and has experience in MMA, Muay Thai and has spent more than a decade in Thailand increasing his skill and knowledge about Thai, and other south east asian martial arts. Now retired from fighting, he teaches what he has learned in his school in Chiang Mai where he teaches Muay Thai Chaiya and Muay Thai Sangka.

Pedro has recently been on a tour of Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia searching for different styles of south east asian martial arts. He had some really interesting styles and move to show, that he picked up his travels. Check out his website for the full story.

Check out the photo above, from left to right: Yee, Nathan, Pedro, Ajarn Lek, Tae, Aof.


My first blog!

I can't believe that I've been programming website for over 10 years, and I've only just got around to sorting a blog! but i suppose that's because I've never felt like I've had anything worth talking about!!

For those who care, this blog will be primarily about Muay Thai Chaiya, which I have had the opportunity to learn for the last 5 years under Ajarn Lek @Baan Chang Thai in Bangkok.

Soon, I'll be moving to Phuket to open my own school of Muay Thai Chaiya at the luxury resort Sukko Spa ( which should be interesting!

Anyway, I'll be keeping this blog up to date with as much news about Muay Thai as I can find, so stay tuned...