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Filming for the upcoming DVD of Muay Thai Chaiya Look Mai

So, the on the day before I left for Phuket, Ajarn Lek, Kruu Aof, Yee, Tae Chaiya and I went to Wat Phichaiyad in Bangkok to begin the filming for a new instructional DVD. This will really be a priceless item, as it will contain details and examples of all of the Look Mai (advance techniques) from Muay Thai Chaiya.

Although I wasn't appearing in the DVD (Tae and Aof look better on screen than me ;) I thought it was a great opportunity to brush up on my own knowledge as there are nearly 100 Look Mai techniques to learn! I am still learning the Look Mai, as one of my biggest hurdles is remembering the names in Thai, which quite often contain old Thai and have references from Thai history and folk law.

Although we only had time to film a few of the Look Mai in the one day, I made sure I took plenty of photos. I'll be posting these photos with an explanation of each technique over the next few months (I'll try and make sure I post one every week!).

Hopefully, you'll be able to get a feel for what's in store from the coming DVD. So stay tuned to!

In the mean time, check out some pictures from onset.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post
    Muay Thai the greatest style and that is why most fighters trained in this Art dominate in the MMA world. Thanks for this post


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