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I had a little time in between classes at the beginning of the week and decided to take a road trip to Had Yai to meet Ajarn Chiwin, who teaches Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Muay Thai and Thai sword work. Ajarn Chiwin is a past student of Kruu Thong, and studied Muay Chaiya alongside my teacher, Ajarn Lek.

It's a long drive, so I invited my new friend George who is training at Suwi Gym in Phuket, and will soon be partaking on his own journey of discovery, venturing in to Iisan to train in another old style of Muay Thai (details to folow!).

I heard about Ajarn Chiwin through Federico, an Italian who is dedicating his free time to learning Thai swordwork Muay Thai (apart from other styles). I met Federico through's forums, and decided to take the trip to Had Yai so I could meet both Federico and Ajarn Chiwin.

After a greuling 7 hour drive (and getting lost on the way!) we found Ajarn Chiwin's school of Tai Fu Do, and were met by the Ajarn and his wife Cat, who welcomed us in and provided us with a room.

My time was short (I had a class to teach the following evening) and so we wasted no time, first A.Chiwin showed us around his school. The ground floor is for general training, with several punch bags, Mook Jong (wooden dummies) and plenty of sticks! The second floor has a small shrine, a variety of traditional swords (including several authentic antiques) and is has a padded floor. The third floor has rooms for students to stay, with lots of room, showers etc. I can imagine training here being very comfortable and relaxing experience. A.Chiwin offers very cheap room rates, and welcomes anyone who shows a desire to learn.

After the tour, we sat down and talked for nearly three hours (in Thai, respect for George who sat through this and showed great patience!) about teaching in Thailand, muay thai chaiya and traditional Thai swords. Ajarn Chiwin has an impressive collection of authentic Thai swords, and is extremely knowledgable about their history and use.

A martial artist with plenty of experience in a variety of martial arts, he had plenty of great advise for me to help me in my new path of teaching.

After a short break for lunch, we returned to find students at the school warming up for classes. He has some very capable students, and I really enjoyed the variety of forms and exercises in the class, some of which I recognised from many years of watching old kung fu movies :).

Then followed the Muay Thai Hadpayud class, which has it's roots in A.Chiwin's time learning with Kru Thong, and has evolved with his experience in his other martial arts.

After a great evening meal, we got an early night, as I new I would have a full day of driving if I was to get back to Phuket in time for class.

Many thanks to A.Chiwin for welcoming us into his home, and giving me lots of great advice. My only regret is that I didn't have more time to spend, but I know I'll be seeing him soon in Phuket, as he's keen to try some of the local sea food!

Thanks again to Federico, I hope you have a safe trip back to Phuket!

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  1. Nice Blog

    Thank For interesting in Muay Chaiya.

    I Hope you Success in Training.

    Oh Good Luck in work At Sukho Spa too. I have go to teach at Sukho Spa at 2 years ago it good place.

    Another Muay Chaiya Blog

  2. Hi Pak,

    Thanks for the comment, maybe you can link to this blog also :)


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