The long wait is over... Ong Bak 2

So, you may know that I'm a big fan of the original Ong Bak movie, as it's one of the reasons that I took an interest in ancient muay thai in the first place. I've been waiting to see the sequel for a long time now, especially after meeting one of the stars of the film, Ajarn Chiwin, who plays one of Tony Jaa's teachers in the film, and is a friend of Tony Jaa in real life.

The film was what I was expecting, not a great deal of storyline, but great action and mix of martial arts styles mixed with the usual Tony Jaa high standard. A little slow to get going, we're reqarded at the end by some great fight scenes, my favourite being when Tony's character was in between a muay thai guy and a tiger style kung fu, and he kept switching back between the two styles to suit his opponent. A great bit of choreography and skill that really had my attention.

The ending was a little abrupt and baffling however, even my student (who is Thai) was a little perplexed, but u guys can make up your own mind when you get a chance to see it. No bets on when it'll be released abroad, anyone got any info on this?

Update: I heard on the grapevine that they're planning a total of 6 Ong Bak movies! Can anyone verify this?

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