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New articles on My Muay Chaiya

I've just finishing a few articles on my new site

These articles are the first in a series of technique tutorials, to give all interested a chance to practice and train up.

The first article is on the 10 Basic Exercises of Muay Chaiya, as taught by my teach Kru Lek. These exercises are critical to get your body and mind in the right frame, so that you can start with a strong base, and ensure that everything that follows is technically solid. There's plenty of pictures and a video, so hopefully you should be nailing this workout in no time!

The second is a short explanation of the Muay Chaiya Tha Kru, which the basic stance and guard of Muay Chaiya. So if you've ever wondered how to stand like a Chaiya fighter, this is for you!

There will be plenty more to follow, so make sure you mark in your bookmarks!

2009/03/22 new website

It's not completely finished, but there's enough information up now to be useful, so head on over to my new website the check out some of the information. Some new, some old, the main new article is something that hopefully will help you all get started with your Muay Chaiya training, Basic Muay Chaiya Exercises. Detailed descriptions, images and a video should be enough to get you started!